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Choose Our Next Contest While We’re AFK!


See those RP cards? A photo taken by your’s truly and uploaded this very day. We’ve got a bunch of RP, and we want to give it away to our readers! Since we’re going to be away this weekend (not at PAX East, but at a wedding!) we’re looking for your input. While allMIA goes on a short hiatus from March 22-26, tweet your contest ideas, or leave them in the comments of this post. We’ll choose the best option, run the contest, and give out RP prizes!  Our last contest was a huge success and we anticipate this one being even bigger!


“Howling Abyss” New Matchmade ARAM Mode on PBE

ARAM fans! Riot has heard your cries. Ever since the debut of The Proving Grounds, players have had the ability to play fan-created “all random all mid” rules on a dedicated one lane map in custom games. Since ARAMs have been limited to custom games, the chief problems with ARAM have been players dodging when they don’t get a champion they’d like to play (defeating the purpose of ARAM) and the skill gap which can plague a mode where anyone can play with anyone else. In one fell swoop, Riot seeks to snuff out these problems by introducing a matchmade ARAM queue on a whole new map: The Howling Abyss.


If you have a PBE account you can go give the new map a spin. It is unclear at this moment when the map will hit live servers, and if it will support blind and draft pick (ABAM/ADAM) modes when it does. Excited for a new ARAM map? Tell us in the comments or by tweeting to us @ill_monstro_g and if there is enough interest we will sponsor an ARAM tournament with RP prizes to celebrate the release of Howling Abyss!

ZAC Unleashed! Gelatinous Jungler Ganking a Lane Near You Soon!


Salutations, Summoners! 

Today, Riot revealed the details of upcoming champion Zac, and he’s as cool as we thought he’d be! Check out his abilities:

  • Cell Division (Passive): When any of Zac’s abilities hit an enemy, a piece of him falls to the ground. Zac can pick up fallen pieces to recover health. When Zac dies he splits into four blobs. These fragments will attempt to reform over a short duration. If any survive, Zac revives with a percentage of his maximum health based on the number of remaining blobs.
  • Stretching Strike: Zac throws a two-handed punch that deals damage and slows targets in a line.
  • Unstable Matter: Zac’s body explodes outward, dealing flat damage to surrounding enemies. Enemies struck also take damage based on their maximum health.
  • Elastic Slingshot: Zac is immobilized as he charges up a dash toward the target location. The range of Elastic Slingshot increases up to a cap as Zac charges the ability. Zac then fires himself towards the target location, damaging and stunning all nearby enemies upon landing.
  • Let’s Bounce: Zac bounces into the air, immediately knocking up, slowing and damaging nearby enemies. Once airborne, he bounces three times, dealing damage with each impact.

With his revive passive, Zac can take more risks for his carries than some other tanky/CC heavy champs might be able to because he can get back up from high-threat pick off moves like Caitlyn’s ult. How will turret aggro work in conjunction with his passive? If the turret “gibs” Zac, does the aggro switch? If so, his abilities as a tower-diver will also be impressive. With a CC-heavy kit and an interesting gap closer, Zac will likely be a powerful jungler. His HP regen mechanic is interesting, and might be more easily leveraged in the jungle than in lane. When a neutral creep camp attacks Zac, he can just wiggle in the camp to pick up HP as opposed to in lane where he will have to watch where he steps to avoid taking more damage in a trade.

Want more details? Check out the skinny over on the official Riot forums.



Z.A.C. A Jungler? PBE Evidence Suggests Yes

Way back in December of 2012, Riot game designer Ezreal was asked if we would see a Yordle jungler released in 2013. His response in this official League of Legends forums post is as follows:

“Barring unforeseen circumstances, yes.”

Seeing as how this is just about as specific and concrete as game developers ever get, Yordle fans and jungle mains world wide felt their hearts swell in size, anticipating a new addition to their champion pool. Now a quarter of the way into 2013 (already!) some of the puzzle pieces surrounding new Zaun-affliated champion “Z.A.C.” suggest this just might be the champion Ezreal was talking about.

In a recent news post from Reign of Gaming it was revealed via datamining the PBE that upcoming champion “Z.A.C.”‘s reccomended starting items are a Hunter’s Machete and 5 health potions. While these kinds of things are tentative (such is the nature of the PBE) it seems like strong evidence to suggest that Riot intends the new champion to primarily function as a jungler. So how do we know it could be specifically a Yordle jungler? Take a look at these promotional images, also hosted over at Reign of Gaming. With cupcakes and candies scattered about, it seems like even more evidence pointing to a brand new Yordle jungler.

Of course this leaves one logical question… who is Lissandra going to be?