a summoner's guide to League of Legends

ill monstro G

Salutations, Summoners!

I am ill monstro G editor and chief contributor to allMIA! I am a New York State certified high school teacher, silver-ranked jungle main and avid e-sports enthusiast. I started allMIA when I looked around at the e-sports coverage and opinion/advice content out there on the web and found myself unsatisfied. With League of Legends growing faster every day, and the e-sports scene absolutely ballooning in popularity, I decided that if nobody else was going to produce the type of content I wanted to see, I’d do it myself. I’ve played League of Legends since 2009, reaching level 30 in Season 1 and earning Silver ELO in Season 2 after just a little dabbling in the ranked system. It wasn’t until Riot’s relentless promotion of the new ranked system and LCS in Season 3 that I truly fell in love with the game and the competitive scene. After a series of disastrous Season 3 placement games, I focused on improving my game by watching professional gamers stream and by practicing my new favorite primary role: jungler. Since my renewed dedication to League of Legends, I’ve climbed all the way from Bronze IV to Silver V (as of March 1st, 2013). With all of the enjoyment I’ve gotten from Season 3 so far, I’ve created two goals for the remainder of this League season: 1) to reach Gold ELO 2) to grow allMIA into a resource for players like myself who want to become successful playing League of Legends and who want quality analysis and discussion about the professional scene.

2013 is going to be a wild ride, Summoners! Buckle in, bookmark allMIA and come back for what I hope will be some of the best musings on your favorite MOBA in the future.



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