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Choose Our Next Contest While We’re AFK!


See those RP cards? A photo taken by your’s truly and uploaded this very day. We’ve got a bunch of RP, and we want to give it away to our readers! Since we’re going to be away this weekend (not at PAX East, but at a wedding!) we’re looking for your input. While allMIA goes on a short hiatus from March 22-26, tweet your contest ideas, or leave them in the comments of this post. We’ll choose the best option, run the contest, and give out RP prizes!  Our last contest was a huge success and we anticipate this one being even bigger!


#sorryliam Twitter Contest Ends Wednesday 3/13 – ENTER NOW To Win 1380 RP!!













Follow the contest by searching #sorryliam on Twitter! Enter now and win!

#sorryliam Twitter RP Giveaway!


Salutations Summoners! Check out our Twitter feed : @ill_monstro_g and this Reddit post! We are running a contest on Twitter to get the best tales of fail from NA summoners using #sorryliam! Share yours to win RP! Contest ends 3/13/13 @ 12am est.

Ninja Edit: a kindly reddit user has pointed out the following: ““I don’t think there are 5$ RP cards mate, the least are 10$ cards which give 1380 RP.” 

He might be right. In the event I can’t find a 650 point card, I’ll gladly grab 3 1380RP cards for the winners, no problem. I want this contest to result in a funny collection of posts I can share with the community, and 30 bucks isn’t too high a price to pay. Hurry and enter!!